BSE-Sofia uses the Xetra electronic trading platform, operated by Deutsche Boerse.


BSE-Sofia uses the Xetra electronic trading platform, operated by Deutsche Boerse.

Xetra is the pan-European electronic trading system of Deutsche Brse AG for cash market trading in equities and a variety of other instruments including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), mutual funds, bonds, warrants, certificates and subscription rights.

Xetra is one of the most powerful trading platforms for cash market securities and is a synonym for the electronization and internationalization of securities trading. Deutsche Boerse has been using Xetra to operate the trading platform for the Vienna Stock Exchange since November 1999, and has been doing the same for the Irish Stock Exchange in Dublin since June 2000. Furthermore, trading on Eurex Bonds and Eurex Repo, as well as electricity trading on the European Energy Exchange in Leipzig runs entirely through Deutsche Boerse technology. The Shanghai Stock Exchange, which operates China's largest equity market, will be using Xetra technology as the core element of its new trading platform in the future.

Information about Xetra T7
Release Notes Cash
T7 MarketModel Xetra
T7 Release 7.0 Functional Reference v.7.1.0
T7 Release 7.0 Function And Interface Overview v.7.1.0
T7 Cash Markets Trader Admin and Clearer GUI Manual v.7.0.0_003
T7-Participant and User Maintenance Cash Markets Manual
Trader Admin GUI Installation Manual
T7 EMDI MDI RDI Manual 070.007.024
T7 EMDI MDI RDI XML Representation
T7 Enhanced Trading Interface Cash Message Reference
T7 Enhanced Trading Interface Manual
T7 Enhanced Trading Interface XSD XML representation and layouts
T7 Extended Market Data Service T7 Trade Prices Settlement Prices and Open Interest Data Manual
T7 Extended Market Data Service XML FAST Templates
T7 FIX Gateway FIX-4.2 and 4.4 Manual
T7 FIX Gateway Fiximate
T7 FIX Gateway Repository
T7 Market Reference Data Interfaces Manual
T7Market Reference Data Interfaces XML FAST Templates FIXML schema files
T7 Release 7.0 Xetra_Instrument Reference Data Guide v.1.0
T7 Underlying Ticker Data Manual
T7 Underlying Ticker XML FAST Templates
Common Report Engine User Guide
T7 Reports XML Schema Files 213
T7 XML Reports Modification Notes 213
T7 XML Reports Reference Manual 213

The complete set of documents, manuals, explanations and templates for the particular interfaces can be found at the following address

Information about XetraClassic

Xetra - Functional Training
Xetra Release 17.0 Release Description

Functional documents
Xetra Release 17.0 Functional Description
Xetra J-Trader User Manual (v. 17.0)
Market Model Equities (v. 16.0)
Security Administration Manual (v. 17.0)
Audit Trail Data Exchange Service Description (pursuant to Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/580)

Technical documents
Xetra Release 17.0 Technical Description

VALUES API Xetra Application Requests and Subscriptions for Xetra Release 17.0
Xetra Header files for windows for Xetra Release 17.0
VALUES API Modification Notes for Xetra Release 17.0

Fees for alternative access to Xetra, other than via MISS in Sofia
Common Front End Sizing Guidelines

Xetra J-trader
XETRA J-Trader - Simulation (only for BSE Members).
XETRA J-Trader - Production (only for BSE Members).
XETRA J-Trader - ( ).

XETRA Archive

Xetra is a registered trade mark of Deutsche Borse AG