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04-07-2017 - Information by BSE-Sofia (Information by BSE-Sofia)

In view of providing the investors with access to information related to the requirements for the main index SOFIX, the Exchange begins publishing information on a daily basis as of 04 July 2017 on the available spread between "buy" and "sell" prices of all issues of shares admitted to trading on the BSE Main Market, tested at BGN 10,000, BGN 15,000 and BGN 20,000. Day-to-day information will be available to all users at after the end of the trading session as it will be free of charge until the end of the next trading session.
The daily information will include data on the spread available at four randomly selected moments during the trading session at the intervals 10:00:00 - 11:30:00, 11:30:01 - 13:00:00, 13:00:01 - 15:30:00, 15:30:01 - 16:55:00.
Historical information on the spread of the BSE Main Market issues of shares in the period 01 March - 03 July is available at