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11-01-2017 - Information by BSE-Sofia (Press release by BSE-Sofia)

Today BSE-Sofia awarded prizes to the investment intermediaries with the highest results achieved in 2016. The number of trades on the regulated market for the past year was 58,442 and the turnover amounted to BGN 416M.
At the ceremony, which was held for the 16th time in the history of the Exchange, the following prizes were awarded:
Investment intermediaries with the highest number of trades in 2016:
1st place: Karoll;
2nd place: Elana Trading;
3rd place: Benchmark Finance.
Investment intermediaries with the largest turnover traded in 2016:
1st place: First Financial Brokerage House;
2nd place: Euro Finance;
3rd place: Real Finance.
Elana Trading, First Financial Brokerage House and Benchmark Finance were awarded also for their contribution to the development of the capital market in 2016.
Expat Asset Management received the award for Issuer with the largest contribution to the development of the capital market.
Bloomberg TV Bulgaria was awarded for a media with the greatest contribution to the promotion of the capital market in 2016.
The Financial Supervision Commission Chairperson Mrs. Karina Karaivanova and the Member of Parliament Mr. Delian Dobrev were distinguished as Individuals with the most significant contribution for the capital market development in 2016.