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09-10-2018 - Partial Repayment

Company: Asterion Bulgaria AD-Sofia (8AVA)
In view of a forthcoming partial repayment of the principal of an issue of bonds, please be informed of the following:
- Issuer: Asterion Bulgaria AD-Sofia
- BSE code: 8AVA
- ISIN code: BG2100006092
- Date of partial repayment: 14.10.2018
- Total partial repayment: EUR 349999.95
- Partial repayment per bond: EUR 46.66666
- The right on partial repayment of the principal will be entitled to all bondholders registered with the Central Depository as of 12.10.2018 (Record Date).
- The final date for transacting bonds of this issue on the BSE-Sofia, as a result of which the holder will have the right on partial repayment of the principal, will be 10.10.2018 (Ex Date: 11.10.2018).
- Following 14.10.2018, the interest will be calculated on the rest of the outstanding principal i.e. on EUR 4700000.025.
- Exchange transactions executed after 10.10.2018 will entitle rights on the outstanding principal per bond i.e. on EUR 626.66667.