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12-03-2018 - Minutes from a General shareholders meeting

Company: Bulgarplod-Sofia AD-Sofia (BULA)
The extraordinary General Meeting of Bondholders of Bulgarplod-Sofia AD dated 08 March 2018 has passed the following resolutions:
- Decision for rescheduling and restructuring of the bond loan under the first issue of corporate bonds having ISIN BG2100012116 of Bulgarplod-Sofia AD (BULA) through a renegotiation of part of the terms and conditions of the issue as follows:
1. Extension of the term of the issue by 36 months
2. Change of the date of maturity to 06 June 2021 when the bond loan will be repaid at once
3. Fixing the interest rate over the extended period of the bond loan to 5% p.a.
4. New coupon and repayment schedule according to the time table enclosed in the Record of Proceedings
Coupon payment dates:
06 December 2018
06 June 2019
06 December 2019
06 June 2020
06 December 2020
06 June 2021
5. All other terms and conditions of the bond issue continue to apply, except for the above mentioned.
The Record of Proceedings taken at the company's GMB is available on the website of the Exchange.
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