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12-01-2018 - Suspension from trading of registered financial instruments

Issuer: Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria/4.5 Gov 20190118 (BLKF)
On the grounds of Art. 18 (2) in conjunction with Art. 18 (1) of Part I - Listing and Trading in Government Securities Rules of the BSE Rules and Regulations, the trading in the issue of government securities Bulgaria/4.5 Gov 20190118 of the Ministry of Finance (BSE code: BLKF), ISIN BG2040112216, will be suspended by an order of the Director of Trading of BSE-Sofia for the trading session on 15 January 2018.
The reason for suspension from trading is the necessity to be determined the persons entitled to an interest payment on the issue on 18 January 2018 in pursuance of Art. 29 (1) of Ordinance No. 5 of the Ministry of Finance and the BNB of 04 October 2007 on the terms and conditions for acquisition, registration, payment and trading in government securities.