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14-11-2017 - Registration of financial instruments

The Board of Directors of BSE-Sofia has adopted the following decision at a session held under Record of Proceedings No. 60 of 14 November 2017:
With reference to a Resolution passed by the FSC under No. 1429-E of 10 November 2017 regarding the entry of a subsequent issue of shares of Lavena AD-Shumen in the Register of Public Companies and Other Securities Issuers under Art. 30 (1), item 3 of the FSC Act, the Board of Directors of BSE-Sofia admits to trading on the Special Purpose Vehicles Segment of the BSE Main Market on the grounds of Art. 33 (8) in conjunction with Art. 19 of Part III - Listing Rules a subsequent issue of shares as follows:
- Issuer: Sopharma Properties REIT-Sofia (6S6)
- ISIN of the issue: BG1100031068
- Amount of the issue prior to the increase: BGN 19,256,929
- Amount of the increase: BGN 847,036
- Amount of the issue following the increase: BGN 20,103,965
- Number of shares following the increase: 20,103,965
- Nominal value per share: BGN 1.00 /one Bulgarian lev/
- Type of shares: Common, registered, dematerialised and voting shares
- Date of entry into trade: 16 November 2017 (Thursday)