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12-10-2017 - Instruments that meet the requirements of Art. 8, para. 1, item 1 of Ordinance #16 of FSC

With regard to the provisions of Art. 8, paragraph 1, item 1 of Ordinance #16 of FSC, on 13.10.2017 the following financial instruments may be pledged as collateral for margin trades and short sales:
Code Name Value Traded days Avg. number of trades Free float
SKK Sirma Group Holding JSC-Sofia 86523.25 18 23.45 27.49
3JR Sopharma AD-Sofia 56381.80 20 72.90 15.66
6A6 Advance Terrafund REIT-Sofia 15131.30 20 16.75 47.16
6C4 Chimimport AD-Sofia 18441.65 20 26.00 23.75
12-10-2017 - Financial and other reports (Quarterly financial report)

Company: Solarpro Holding AD-Sofia (0S8)
The report can be found on the financial web-site X3News
12-10-2017 - Delisting of financial instruments

On the grounds of Art. 39 (3), item 2 of Part III - Listing Rules of the BSE Rules and Regulations, the listing of an issue of bonds on the Bonds Segment of BSE Main Market will be terminated as of 17 October 2017, namely:
- Issuer: Formoplast AD-Kardzhali
- BSE code of the issue: 4F8A
- ISIN of the issue: BG2100016125
- Reason for termination: Maturity on 19 October 2017
- The final date for transacting bonds of this issue on the floor of BSE-Sofia, as a result of which the holder will be entitled to an interest payment and principal repayment: 16 October 2017 /Monday/
12-10-2017 - Insider information

Company: Monbat AD-Sofia (5MB)
The Board of Directors of Monbat AD approved on 12 October 2017 the prepared Prospectus for initial public offering of up to 30,000 (thirty thousand) ordinary, registered, dematerialised, interest-bearing, convertible, freely transferable, unsecured corporate bonds with nominal value per bond of EUR 1,000 (one thousand) euro, issued by MONBAT AD. The Prospectus will be submitted to the FSC for approval.
Please, refer to the entire piece of news posted in English on the financial website X3News.
12-10-2017 - Minutes from a General shareholders meeting

Company: ERG Capital-3 REIT-Sofia (5ERB)
The General Meeting of the holders of bonds issued by ERG Capital-3 REIT, ISIN BG2100002125, held on 10 October 2017 has passed the following resolutions:
- Extension of the term of the bond issue by three (3) years as of 21 February 2018 as the date of maturity will be 21 February 2021, respectively the term to maturity and of interest payments is changed from 72 to 108 months
- Changing the interest rate of the bond loan from 10.5% to 9.5% p.a. as of 21 February 2018
The Record of Proceedings taken at the company's GMB is available on the website of the Exchange.