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14-07-2017 - Notification for a capital increase with rights

Company: Sopharma Properties REIT-Sofia (6S6)
At the General Meeting of Shareholders of Sopharma Properties REIT-Sofia dated July 14, 2017 the following decisions were adopted:
1. In pursuance of Art. 196 (1) and Art. 194 (1) of the Commerce Act as well as of Art. 112 et seq. of the POSA and according to the Articles of Association, increases the company's capital from BGN 19,256,929 to BGN 20,106,929 through a public offering of 850,000 new dematerialised shares, having par value of BGN 1.00 and issuing value per share of BGN 6.50. The capital will be increased only if at least 425,000 new shares are underwritten and paid in. Ratio between the rights issued and new shares: 22.655/1 (right to share). Everyone may subscribe to such number of shares, equal to the number of rights owned or acquired, divided by 22.655.
2. The investment intermediary Sofia International Securities AD is elected and authorised to facilitate the capital increase procedure.
3. Adopts the prospectus for public offering of securities.
4. Autorises the representatives of the company to perform the activities necessary to file the application for approval of Prospectus for public offering of securities by the Financial Supervision Commission.
The right to participate in the capital increase shall be entitled to all persons who have acquired shares not later than seven (7) days following the date of promulgation of the public offering notice in pursuance of Art. 92a (1) of the POSA.
The entire piece of news is published on the financial website X3News.
The above notice has been corrected on 19 July 2017 at 1:36 p.m.