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14-07-2017 - Minutes from a General shareholders meeting

Company: Neo London Capital PLC-Sofia (178B)
At the General Meeting of Shareholders of Neo London Capital PLC-Sofia (178B), dated July 11, 2017 the following decisions were adopted:
- Adoption of the Report of the managing bodies on the company's activity in 2016;
- Adoption of the 2016 annual financial report of the company;
- Adoption of the Report of the registered auditor on the 2016 audit;
- Adoption of the Report of the Audit Committee;
- Adoption of the Report of the Investor Relations Director;
- Adoption of the Report on the implementation of the remuneration policy for the members of the managing bodies;
- Adoption of the Statute of the Audit Committee;
- Release from liability of the members of the managing bodies with respect to their activity in 2016;
- Election of a registered auditor for year 2017;
- Election of a new Audit Committee with a three years mandate;
- Adoption of the Decision the 2016 loss in the amount of BGN 2 thousand to be set asside as uncovered loss from prior periods;
The Record of Proceedings taken at the General Meeting of Shareholdes is available at the website of the Exchange