The section For the Shareholders systemizes in a convenient form all corporate information of BSE-Sofia.

For the Shareholders

The section systemizes in a convenient form all corporate information of BSE-Sofia.
"Shareholders' rights"sub-section gives a detailed information about the rights of BSE-Sofia's shareholders.
"General Shareholders' meeting"sub-section summarizes the information about the competence of the general meeting and the rules for its convocation. Documents related to the BSE-Sofia's shareholders meetings in the recent years are also available there.
In additionfinancial reports,newsandpublicationsdisclosed by BSE-Sofia can be found in the sub-section.

Corporate Governance

Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia complies with the Principles of Good Corporate Governance, laid down in theBulgarian National Code for Corporate Governance.

Investor Relations Director:Ivo Stankov
Tel: +359 2 937 0957

Latest Financial Report

Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia has published a consolidated quarterly financial report for the first quarter of 2018.


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Latest News

Press release by BSE-Sofia
SEE Link, the joint trading platform of currently seven stock exchanges in Southeastern Europe (SEE), intends to deploy an innovative solution for settling cross-border trades developed by Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI). Representatives of the platforms founding members, the Zagreb Stock Exchange, the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and the Macedonian Stock Exchange, and Skopje-based SEE Link itself signed a Memorandum of Understanding to that end with RBI in Vienna today.

Information by BSE-Sofia
With reference to the invitation for an annual General meeting of the shareholders (GMS) of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia AD (BSE-Sofia, the Exchange) scheduled for 18.06.2018 (Monday) at 10 h, BSE - Sofia hereby reminds its shareholders, that the registration for participation in the general meeting of the Exchange via electronic means in the system for Electronic general meetings of Central Depository AD EPOS is available. Shareholders of the Exchange, holding a qualified electronic signature (QES) according to the Electronic document and electronic certification services act, may register for participation in the General Meeting no later than 10:00 on 18 June 2018. Each entity, being a shareholder as of 04.06.2018, is entitled to vote at the GMS. The EPOS system provides the following options to the shareholders:

Information by BSE-Sofia
With reference to the initial public offering of shares of Gradus AD-Stara Zagora on BSE-Sofia through the Xetra trading system, to be held on 18 and 19 June 2018, please, be hereby advised of the availability of a temporary issue of shares under the BSE code GR6T in the Xetra instrument group of shares, InstrGrp BSE0.

Press release by BSE-Sofia
Sixteen investment intermediaries shall take part in the fourth edition of "Equity day" initiative organised by the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia and Central Depository. The initiative aims at promoting the active participation of individual investors in the capital market, improving their investment culture and increasing knowledge of the equity instruments in Bulgaria.

Information by BSE-Sofia
With reference to the forthcoming initial public offering of the shares of Gradus AD-Stara Zagora on BSE-Sofia through the Xetra trading system, please, refer to the Xetra IPO Auction for BSE-Sofia user's guide, which is available in English on the website of the Exchange in section Rules and Regulations, Rules of BSE-Sofia, Other rules.

Consolidated quarterly financial report
BSE-Sofia Group hereby publishes its interim consolidated report for the first quarter of 2018. The interim consolidated report of the BSE-Sofia Group for Q1 2018 may be accessed at the website of BSE-Sofia under About BSE -> For the shareholders -> BSE-Sofia's Financial Reports, as well as at the website of the financial media X3News