The section For the Shareholders systemizes in a convenient form all corporate information of BSE-Sofia.

For the Shareholders

The section systemizes in a convenient form all corporate information of BSE-Sofia.
"Shareholders' rights"sub-section gives a detailed information about the rights of BSE-Sofia's shareholders.
"General Shareholders' meeting"sub-section summarizes the information about the competence of the general meeting and the rules for its convocation. Documents related to the BSE-Sofia's shareholders meetings in the recent years are also available there.
In additionfinancial reports,newsandpublicationsdisclosed by BSE-Sofia can be found in the sub-section.

Corporate Governance

Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia complies with the Principles of Good Corporate Governance, laid down in theBulgarian National Code for Corporate Governance.

Investor Relations Director:Ivo Stankov
Tel: +359 2 937 0957

Latest Financial Report

Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia has published a quarterly financial report for the third quarter of 2017.


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Upcoming event
BSE-Sofia hereby reminds all its members that the upgrade of the Xetra Release Production to version 17.0 is to be performed as of 18 November 2017.

Press release by BSE-Sofia
As of today, 1 November 2017, the trade in government securities on the regulated market begins. It is a result of the joint efforts of Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia, the Central Depository, the Ministry of Finance and the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) to create a regulated secondary market for government debt within the markets organised by BSE-Sofia. Trading in government securities is another measure implemented within the Capital Market Development Strategy in Bulgaria.

Press release by BSE-Sofia
BSE-Sofia hereby reminds the public about a presentation of the financial standings of the company for the third quarter of 2017 to be held on 30 October 2017 at 16:00 h. We invite all current investors and interested parties to get acquainted with the financial results of the Exchange for the aforementioned period, as well as to address their questions, regarding the information presented thereby, to the company management.

Quarterly financial report
The market turnover in Q3 2017 grew by the staggering 130% and the turnover in BSE-Sofias own shares (BSO) skyrocketed, reaching a growth of 263%. Market capitalisation declined by 0.94% in Q3 but remained above BGN 11 billion. The values of three of the four indices increased. The Rules for Registration and Trading of Government Securities were approved by the Financial Supervision Commission and the BSE announced two more scholars in its CFA program. An Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders was held on 26 September, at which changes to the Board of Directors of the Exchange were voted and adopted and the management body was authorised to conclude two transactions from the scope of art. 114, par. 1 of the Public Offering of Securities Act.

Information by BSE-Sofia
BSE-Sofia would like to remind you that the training on Adaptive Risk Management Methods for Practitioners will be held on 16 November 2017 (Thursday). The following topics will be covered:

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